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Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your IRM needs.

Structural Integrity Management

Arming you with a plan, a budget, and a schedule

Cotech takes your inspections to the next level.

Cotech tracks your steel performance and determines it’s life cycle.

We will give you the opportunity you want:

1. Plan your work

2. Work your plan

Manage the integrity of your asset proactively. Enhance the safety of your asset, eliminate down-time, increase your utilization rate, and save money in repairs.

Steel Replacement Surveys

Turn your hull mapping survey into actionable intelligence.

Cotech gives you information you can input into next years budget for your SPS / Shipyard period in dollars and days off contract.

You will be armed with more than pages of red and yellow ink, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing:

    • ■ Steel Tonnage to be replaced for
    • ■ Shipyard bidding
    • ■ Annual Budget forecasts
    • ■ Annual Utilization Rate forecasts
    • ■ Drawings of each area marked for replacement
    • ■ Work Packs quotable for pre-fabrication
    • ■ Immediate identification of areas for replacement
    • ■ Up-time vs. down-time vs. shipyard solutions

Allow Cotech to eliminate project surprises.
Don’t be that guy going upstairs to ask for a supplement and more days off contract.


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