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Industrial Rope Access

We provide a comprehensive range of I.R.M (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance) Services utilizing Rope Access techniques, which in many cases negate the requirement for scaffolding, cherry pickers, etc. Work can be performed on location, whilst operating, by a small team of self sufficient multi skilled technicians.

Our clients not only recognize the advantages of utilizing Rope Access as a stand alone service due to its rapid deployment and self-sustainability but also as part of a project tool box where the erection of scaffolding or use of man riders etc is impractical.

Trade projects include:

  • Leg Anode Replacement
  • Jetting Line Replacement
  • Leg Ladder Replacement
  • Bolt Removal Replace Torque
  • Derrick Girt Replacement
  • Flare Tip Replacement
  • Cable Tray Installation
  • Light Replacement


Typical Trade Skills Include:

  • Rope Access Welders
  • Rope Access Fabricators
  • Rope Access Pipefitters
  • Rope Access Riggers
  • Rope Access Electricians
  • Rope Access Blaster/Painters


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