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Derrick Services

Through its early involvement with the API 4G rewrite committee in 2004 Cotech IRM were instrumental in the development of many Derrick Management Plans for our clients. To date we have performed over 600 Derrick Surveys. Reporting systems have evolved over the period of time but the essentials that we have continually reported on are the same secured items, method of retention, adequacy of retention, photographic registers, severity level, NDT on critical components etc.





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Cotech Group not only provide inspection services on derrick structures and flare stacks, we also have fully qualified trades personnel to effect repairs to keep those structures safe.

Recent projects include:

Drops Surveys

Once again, unlike some of our competitors we provide a report PRIOR to leaving the installation – little point in leaving the rig on completion of the survey with a potential dropped object for the client to wait two weeks for the report! All our surveys are completed utilizing trained Rope Access personnel. The only way to access all areas for a close up inspection!