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Blade Repair Services

We’ve delivered blade services to onshore and offshore wind farms for over a decade, giving us the know-how needed to make any project in this area a success. The condition of turbine blades is crucial to the efficiency of wind farms, and our team of technicians are experts at improving their integrity and performance.

More specifically, our core services include:





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We can also carry out warranty upgrades and post-production retrofit services across various blade models.

Our in-house level 3 rope access personnel carry out these services while complying with IRATA and SPRAT procedures, which allows us to support all rope access requirements internally.

We can work on projects of various sizes, from individual blade repairs to large turn-key repair projects and upgrade campaigns.

Planned inspection and maintenance prolong a turbine’s durability and maximize reliability for its entire lifecycle. A proactive approach to planning repairs minimizes a device’s downtime and avoids unnecessary reductions in productivity.

That’s why Cotech Group’s trained wind turbine specialists have a wealth of experience in carrying out regular inspections, which provide substantial cost savings in the long term by detecting damaged blades as early as possible.

We have extensive experience with key blade technologies such as LPS, LEP, and VGs — and we liaise closely with manufacturers to ensure our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the products they work with.

Since we believe that high-quality repairs are only possible with the most capable technicians, we source our team from the boat-building or blade-manufacturing industries. Many have experience with both, giving them the skills to tackle just about any project. After years of developing and training our personnel, we’re confident they can provide the highest levels of repair, QA/QC, and associated repair documentation.

Plus, our engineering managers oversee all of our blade repairs online to ensure a seamless and efficient repair process.

We pride ourselves on reaching sites fast and getting repairs done promptly to save our customers from losing revenue, all while meeting the highest industry standards.

Blade Repair Portfolio