Process system integrity problems result from a number of issues,including incorrect joint assembly, improper tightening methods, ineffective flange tagging systems, and the lack of a formal flange control / management system.

A flange management system can assure that all process system flanges are identified and have been mechanically completed in a controlled manner that helps minimize, and in most cases eliminates, integrity-related issues (such as leaks) at startup.

The value gained from COTECHS flange management service results from a number of industry-leading features:
    ■ Computerized flange management control system
    ■ Specialized flange management software package
    ■ Integrated engineering package
    ■ Tailored service packages delivering effective resource utilization from single-crew
    ■ Joint work scopes to support facility construction or shutdown projects
    ■ Speed and accuracy by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment
    ■ Tensioning capability from 1 to 3.5 in. (25 to 89 mm) diameter
    ■ Complete range of hydraulic and hand torque tools including low-profile and square drive heads

COTECH IRMs flange management software package is central to the joint integrity management of piping systems, and features the following:
    ■ Rapid generation of job and joint specific equipment lists
    ■ Production of detailed job cards for every joint
    ■ Maintenance of joint historical data
    ■ An electronic data bank of all joint-integrity information
    ■ Full portability from engineering to field / site construction
    ■ Three separate databases:
      ■ joint management
      ■ equipment control
      ■ personnel competence
    ■ Controls and records all elements associated with bolted joints, including:
      ■ engineering calculations
      ■ joint assembly
      ■ Tightening
      ■ Testing
      ■ Repairs