COTECH were first established in 2005 and provide a comprehensive range of rope access and non-rope access Inspection Repair Construction and Maintenance services to various industry sectors to include; Land Rig Services, Offshore Facilites , Renewable Energy Wind and Solar, Petrochemical / Bio and Pharma Refining Facilites and the Communication Market Cell and Fiber.

  • We have enjoyed continued growth over the past 11 years through our strategy of a strong commitment to customer service. We never lose sight of the fact that our clients are our life blood, and as such we continue to invest heavily in advanced technologies and systems to ensure benefits and cost savings are passed on. In an ever expanding global market we have extended our commitment to bringing those services to our valued clients no matter which corner of the globe they are located. We build our teams to meet your project deliverables and reduce the burden on your staff with a single point of contact. This can take the form of a high level engineering compliance team for rig reactivation works or a multi – skilled service team. TRUST US - WE TAKE SERVICE TO NEW HEIGHTS!

Cotech Communications Tower and Fiber - http://www.cotechtowerservices.com.